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What is

The Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) acts as a virtual computer or processor for the Ethereum blockchain. As transactions and functions are executed, the EVM translates data and information for processing. If a blockchain is EVM compatible, it simply means that it uses the same tech stack and tools as Ethereum and other EVM compatible networks. XDC Network is fully EVM-compatible.

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Why is decentralization in blockchain important? How are smart contracts used to create dApps? From Layer 2 projects to enterprise and trade finance, learn what makes the XDC Network a user-friendly blockchain for those ready to embrace the technology.

XDC Community member Jon McBee writes that decentralization is more of a spectrum than a binary concept. Follow along as he discusses the possibilities of a blockchain network reaching complete decentralization.

READ: Decentralization and the XIP ProcessREAD: Decentralization and the XIP Process

Learn how smart contracts can power decentralized applications.

READ: Smart contract-powered dAppsREAD: Smart contract-powered dApps

XDC Network’s protocol lead, Dr. Fisher Yu, provides a status update on XDC 2.0. It will bring critical features such as first-of-its-kind Byzantine fault tolerance security & forensic monitoring that can detect, identify, & remove attackers in real time.

"Trade finance is an underappreciated asset class underpinning trillions in goods and services traded...every year. Blockchain technology is uniquely suited to power the financial rails of cross-border trade, and jurisdictions globally are taking notice."

READ: Team Blockdata's reportREAD: Team Blockdata's report

The trade finance gap has reached $1.7 trillion and small-to-medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are disproportionately affected. Discover how blockchain technology can enable the transformation of trade finance assets into profitable capital market products.

READ: World Economic Forum reportREAD: World Economic Forum report

Immerse yourself in the tools to bring your project to life on the XDC Network, or skim the titles to find quick answers to your questions.

READ & WATCH the tutorialsREAD & WATCH the tutorials

What is

Blockchain networks like XDC Network can be used to support a decentralized Web3 — the next generation of internet. Web3 is most simply described as hosting applications, storing and accessing private data, and transferring value, content, and ideas using completely decentralized networks with no single point of failure and no trust required. Goodbye centralized, privately owned servers. Open-source trustless systems will remain more stable and reliable than centralized servers due to the network being maintained by hundreds or even thousands of entities instead of just one.

Grow your project on XDC Network

Whether your project has been up and running for some time or it’s in the dream stage, we want to be a resource for you wherever you are. The links below will help you connect with the foundation, orient with the supportive XDC community, and offer several ways to learn more about developing on the XDC Network.

Brand Assets

You are encouraged to use the XDC brand assets for your project. Please maintain the following word marks and icons in their original representations, including scale and typeface.

All XDC Network and XDC Foundation logos in a range of formats and colors.

Brand Assets & GuidelinesBrand Assets & Guidelines

When using XDC's brand assets, you should refer to this document in order to ensure appropriate use of the XDC brand assets.

XDC Graphic StandardsXDC Graphic Standards

With XDC serving as the primary brand identity mark, there are many uses for it in writing. This guide ensures correct language is used.

XDC Terminology & Copywriting StandardsXDC Terminology & Copywriting Standards

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