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XDC Community Workshops

This video takes you through implementing a frontend integration of XDCPay on the XDC Network.

Developer Tools

What it is, how it works, and how to get it done

ToolsTutorialsTech SpecsTerminology Guide

XDC Community

There are many ways to experience the support and engagement from the XDC Community

Join the XDC communityLearn more about the XIP Process

Developer Resources


Learn about XDC Network’s origins and its architecture. Receive directions on how to use the network to build your project or set up a node.

XDC DocsXDC Docs


Explore the XDC Foundation repositories to research code for token standards, XDCPay, Origin, and other XDC Network tools.


Developer Forum

Join an online discussion board to engage, learn, and contribute with XDC Network developers and participants.

Developer ForumDeveloper Forum

XDC Design

Learn about the XDC consensus mechanism, masternodes, XDC 2.0 (coming in Q1 2023) and more.

XDC DesignXDC Design


No need to be an expert in blockchain development. With the help of our SDKs, developers can focus more energy on other aspects of their project.

Explore SDKsExplore SDKs

Explore the blockchain

A unique block explorer to view transactions, verify contract code, and see other network data.

Grow your project on XDC Network

Whether your project has been up and running for some time or it’s in the dream stage, we want to be a resource for you wherever you are. The links below will help you connect with the foundation, orient with the supportive XDC community, and offer several ways to learn more about developing on the XDC Network.

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